Sessions for Radiant Being

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud
was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”
~ Anaïs Nin

Beth is very intuitive, finds all the tension spots without having to tell her about them. She is very responsive to instruction as well. It is a great overall massage but also feels like it is  healing in a multi-dimensional way.
~ Nirvair Singh Khalsa

Beth is far more than a skilled masseuse.  She is sensitive and intuitive, balancing the physical and spiritual aspects of massage.  During my mother's final decline and death, Beth's compassion and extraordinary healing touch helped me find my way through that dark time.  I have never experienced anything like it before and am blessed to have Beth as my massage practitioner.~ Blythe Fortin



I work with an openess to all layers of your being- the physcial anatomy & health, as well as chakras and energy field which interelate with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

I often experience clairvoyant 'seeing', and am connected to my guides, angels and healer beings, and their work through me and with me. Color, sacred geometry, intuitive imagery, insight and oracle cards are some of my tools to support you into a space of healing, self connection, greater clarity, calm, peace, empowerment, embodiment & radiance of your essential true self.



massage in Santa Fe, NM
MASSAGE & BODYWORK: A graceful combination of various modalities to work out those tight spots, and bring deep relaxation. Some of my favorites to blend into your session are deep tissue, swedish, hot stones, chinese meridian, and aromatherapy. Thorough, intuitive, and nurturing.

ENERGY MEDICINE: Deeply calming, and has many benefits as it addresses issues on the energy levels (both around and within the body) which then positively effect your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. May include the use of crystals, essential oils, sound and flower essences. Chakras are cleared and balanced, the energy field is strengthened, harmonized, and brightened. Cords may be cleared which helps release toxic patterns and old relationship residue. Clients often express feeling clearer, more calm, self connected and like a weight was lifted.

COMBINATION SESSIONS: Massage & Bodywork, Energy Medicine and Intuitive Insights. To begin your combination session, you will be invited to share about any issues (physical, emotional, relational, career, spiritual...etc) that may be currently on your mind and heart. You will then relax on the massage table as I check each chakra, and proceed into the massage work and energy medicine. Sometimes we might pull oracle cards before or after you session. Essential oils, flower essences and crystals are also often used for their healing qualities. Intuitive information that comes through for you before, during and in closing your session, to support your process and well-being, will be shared. The massage aspect of the session can be fully thorough, or we can adjust the session to include more energy medicine.

AMETHYST BIOMAT: During massage, energy sessions and centering sessions, the biomat may be turned on to provide the added benefit of far infrared rays, negative ions and warmth. Learn more about the biomat HERE.

CENTERING SESSION: When you want some 'you' time in a relaxing healing space on the Amythest Biomat. May include a 10min head and/or foot massage, aroma-synergy, and flower essence.


Massage & Bodywork Energy Medicine:

(sliding scale)

♡ $70-80 for 60 minutes
♡ $85-95 for 75 minutes
♡ $95-110 for 90 minutes

Combination Sessions:

♡ $125 you will be with me for at least 90-100 minutes

Centering Sessions :

♡$50 for one hour

Sessions in person are by appointment only, in Santa Fe, NM. For payment, please bring check, cash or use the payment button below to use a credit card through PayPal. *Home visits may be available as well, for those with their own massage table or those with certain conditions such as Alzheimer's.

I am also availble at times to provide intuitive readings, massage or energy medicine for your group, workshop or girlfriend get-a-away to New Mexico.





energy medicine sesions

Compassionate Energy Medicine assists your emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical well-being. It is useful in times of well-being to maintain balance, clarity and self connection, as well as in times of challenge such as anxiety, stress, relationship struggles, illness, post surgical healing, emotional distress..etc.

  • Feel More Calm, Clear & Centered
  • Shift Unhealthy Relationship Dynamics & Clear Residue from Past Relationships
  • Nurture Self Esteem
  • Heal More Quickly After Surgery
  • Recover From and Prevent Illness
  • Feel More Joy & Radiance
  • Feel More Connected to Your Essential Original Authentic Energy

  • Clients often say that they feel the work (yes, even in distance sessions), 'see colors' and feel 'lighter', clearer, and like "something shifted" during the session. During a distance session, I ask that you set at least 15-30 minutes aside to be present with yourself and consciously connect with your energy, what you feel/sense/see; relax, meditate, sit outdoors, journal...etc.

    Intuitive Insight sessions may focus on your specific areas of interest, specific questions, relationships, work/life purpose, spirit guides..etc. For health issues or concerns, please schedule an Energy Medicine session. Each session is conducted in a sacred heart centered space where I open to the highest and most aligned guidance for you. I do not tell you what to do or make any fatalistic predictions.


    $50 for intuitive insight session. Email your question(s) and I will send you a 15min audio recorded response.

    $80 for 30 min energy session with emailed description, insights & intuitive guidance.

    $125 includes initial consultation (by email or 10-15 minutes by phone), a very thorough energy session (up to 60 minutes in duration) in which each chakra is assessed, a full clearing, balancing and specific work to address your specific requests/concerns, as well as whatever presents itself during the session as wanting to shift/integrate for your highest well-being. When your session is complete, you will receive an emailed description, insights, intutive guidance and scans of oracle cards chosen for you.

    $333 Chakra Attune-up. Series of 3 sessions, plus a custom Flower Essence Blend and Essential Oil Blend. SEE DETAILS HERE

    Please contact me prior to or after sending in your payment to set up your session day & time. Include your phone number, and if this is a distance session, please email a photo of yourself as well if possible.

    Please CLICK HERE for current session options and pricing. This will take you to my new website. Thank you!



    "THANK YOU for a most excellent reading. . . . . in fact, THE best one I have ever had. I was totally blown away. You were so accurate and so spot on. "~ Trish

    "Oh Beth, this was so meaningful for me. I LOVE the idea of creating one thing right now. I'm practically jumping out of my seat thinking about starting! You are amazing and magical. Thank you sooooo much!"~ Jill R., San Fransisco

    "Beth thank you so much. I felt a swirling energy around my leg right before I read your post, and It is definately not hurting as much. I feel like there is a shield over it. Thank you I will keep you updated." ~H.V. (had continued pain after melanomma removals) 

    "Yesterday in the morning I showed someone that I could not bend 3 of my toes - by night time I could bend them all! My foot feels much freer, if that makes sense?! I feel like I'm placing much more weight on it, and when I got out of bed I wasn't as careful with it as I've had to be the last few months. I walked downstairs much easier this morning too...and been walking much better today. Thank you for your generous gift and the huge difference it has made to me Blessings, J.H. xx"

    "You are absolutely spot on with the energy....Long story short, what you felt was very true! You are so kind to help and listen! Happy Holidays! I am going to work to process this info., pay attention and go from there." E.C.

    " After much searching & experimentation I am so happy to have found Beth. Her work w/ me over the past year has greatly improved my quality of life. She is mindful to always be up to date w/ my latest body issues while continuing to work w/ me on my chronic problems. I most appreciate her respect for the entire experience. Beth is never brisk or abrupt, but soothing, peaceful & gentle while still being highly effective. When she is finished I always feel calm, refreshed & renewed.”~ Gloria Silver

    "Beth,Thank you so much. This reading was very helpful and resonated with my spirit deeply. I will pass your offer on to others and will use your services often. Blessings," C.

    Hello Beth, I wanted to thank you for the amazing reading and the beautiful cards! I've gone over the reading a couple of times and felt really moved by it - especially the part where you said you felt a gnostic healer guide with me that felt like Jesus. I frequently get that Christ-type feeling but thought maybe I was imagining things, and reading this actually brought tears to my eyes. The other thing that really struck me was the part about a teacher-type named Gregory. I had a vivid vision of someone who fits that description but didn't know who it was, so it must be Gregory! I want to do some internet research to see if I can find out something about him.

    The cards are GORGEOUS, and I was not expecting them to be so beautifully presented in the amazing bags! I really love them and will probably order a couple more as it gets closer to Christmas. They'll make amazing gifts!

    Thank you so very much. Your reading really touched me, and I look forward to getting another one in the future.

    Much love and blessings!
    Joni ~ Santa Fe, NM

    "Beth is an amazing healer and very gifted at what she does working with the psychic surgery. I cannot begin to thank her enough for the healing energy that she sent me. During the weekend I felt energy while I was laying in bed. It felt like a mild pressure almost like a basketball pressing gently on my right shoulder and neck. I felt a blanket of energy around me; it was a feeling of complete relaxation and calm. By the end of the evening the pain that I had felt in my shoulder and neck was gone. For the first time in 20 years, I was able to sleep without the need to use an ointment to soothe the area.

    I love the point of stillness meditation that Beth gave me. I do rest best when I have dark and calm. I am really looking forward to what else will unfold from this session. It feels like it was just the beginning.

    I am planning to have more sessions with Beth. I really believe in her gift."~ Angela Hartfield, ATP®

    DISCLAIMER: Sessions with me are not a substitute for a doctor's advice or medical care and are not promised to diagnosis, treat, or cure any illness or condition. Please do not alter or stop your medications until you consult your physician.


    Your satisfaction is important to me. If there are any concerns, please contact me so we can get you what you need. Prior to payment I am happy to give you an estimate on when your session will be completed, but sessions are entered into my schedule in order of payment & information (your questions) received. Your payment holds your spot on my schedule. If scheduling an email/audio session, please let me know right away if you did not receive your session at the estimated time, and I will resend the audio & card images. Any questions about your reading must be received within 3-5 days from the completion of your session. Please notify me of cancellations or reschedules 48hrs prior to scheduled sessions. No refunds will be given for cancels less than 24hr in advance or no shows. No cancellations of email/audio readings. Sessions in person require 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule.


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    Clairvoyant energy healing shifts and transforms energy imbalances and blocks that are contributing to physical conditions or emotional imbalances. Because physical, emotional and mental conditions show up in the energy field, Clairvoyant Energy Healing can have a profound effect on how you feel, as well as your physical experience and health now and in your future. As a Registered Nurse, Seasoned Energy Practitioner, Bodyworker and Clairvoyant, Beth is able to clearly see within the body and the energy field. Energy disturbances are removed and replaced with 'Light informed' energy Bethfor your well-being and progress towards health and radiance. Energy Medicine Practitioner. Angel Therapy Practitioner